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The right to information held by public bodies on matters of public interest is an established international human right.

In order to strengthen the public's access to information produced through investigations into the Gulnara Karimova crime group and associated asset recovery efforts,  the Karimova Asset Recovery Forum will make available key documents, records and other relevant information in this central repository.

The Gulnara Karimova syndicate was a crime group which operated under the leadership of Gulnara Karimova from the early 2000s until 2013. During this period Karimova was an Uzbekistani state official and the eldest daughter of the late President Islam Karimov. 

Through a state-organised crime racket that utilised Karimova's official public position and the position of her father (the late President, Islam Karimov), it is estimated that over a billion dollars in wealth was looted out of Uzbekistan and warehoused abroad in various financial, real property, and luxury assets.


It is critical that the victims of this criminal enterprise have access to information on the offences, the perpetrators and subsequent justice efforts. This information and the insights it provides into kleptocracy is also an important resource in supporting non-reoccurrence.

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